About Pace Pharma

Pace Pharma Private Limited is a joint venture of Leads Pharma and Diversified Marketing Group (DMG). Founded in 2013 and operating from the Rawalpindi, Pakistan Pace Pharma began to expand its business over the years. At Pace Pharma resources, production and development are aligned to facilitate efficient and effective distribution of innovative veterinary medicines throughout the country. By focusing on quality, cost-effective, and result-oriented veterinary formulations, the benefits of Pace Pharma gained popularity among dairy farmers and veterinary practitioners by every passing day, resulting in long-lasting relationships and a strong network of partners. Pace Pharma enjoys good business relations with both our local and foreign business partners. We believe that “what is good for the animals is good for us all”. Keeping in view our past performance, Pace Pharma in the future also will keep providing new innovative solutions that will contribute to healthy animals, a healthy business, a healthy planet, and prosperous farmers.