CEO’S Message

I am very pleased to welcome you to “Pace Pharma”.  First of all I thank ALLAH ALMIGHTY who give me the resources, vision and wisdom for establishing Pace Pharma. Pace Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture of Leads Pharma and Diversified Marketing Group (DMG). At Pace Pharma, we are dedicated to innovating animal wellbeing. All our efforts are directed towards developing novel solutions for animal health and uplift of country’s economy. Over the years Pace Pharma is committed to provide quality and result oriented veterinary medicinal products to deliver a unique contribution in animal health. We aim to reduce animal disease and improve animal health all over the Pakistan. I am very thankful to all Pace Pharma customers for showing their confidence and trust on our products. I am equally thankful to all of my company employees for their relentless efforts and dedication. I assure you that in future also Pace Pharma will continue to serve veterinarians, livestock farmers and all other personnel related with livestock industry for the uplift  of animal wellbeing and health by providing good quality products. May ALLAH ALMIHTY shower his countless blessings upon us and our country.


Dr. Muhammad Amjad

Dr Muhammad Amjad